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January 2016 Archives

Understanding probate litigation in Florida: Part 2

As stated in a previous article, this column is going to cover common questions/concerns one might have about probate in Florida. Probate litigation can be a tricky thing, so going into it with an understanding of how it works can certainly make the process easier to handle. This particular article is going to address personal representatives and their duties during probate.

What is in a residential real estate contract matters

When buying or selling a home in Florida or elsewhere, there is a lot of paperwork involved. So much so, not everyone reads every single page. In truth, when a residential real estate contract is written, there is a lot of information that one may or may not want to include. By not carefully reviewing a contract, it is possible that some information may be missed or that what is included may not be in one's best interests.

Do not forget to name digital beneficiaries when estate planning

When going through the estate planning process many individuals, whether they reside in Florida or elsewhere, may not think about their digital assets. Even though most Americans live in a world where more things are being done and stored online, few people seem to think about how such assets are to be passed on to beneficiaries. Believe it or not, separate protections need to be put in place in order to ensure that heirs are legally allowed to gain access to digital assets.

Understanding probate litigation in Florida: Part 1

It is common to have a lot of questions and concerns about probate in Florida. A lot of peoples' fears about probate litigation simply come from a lack of complete knowledge about how the process works. This column will explain probate in a number of posts in hopes of eliminating confusion associated with the process. This particular article will address the different individuals and professionals involved in the probate process.

Considering a real estate purchase this year? Things to know.

Whether one is dealing in residential or commercial real estate, there is a lot happening on both fronts in Florida this year. When it comes to real estate matters, things are looking good for the Orlando area. For anyone looking to make a real estate purchase in 2016, there are a few things to consider.

Buying residential property and dealing with escrow disputes

During the process of buying a home in Florida or elsewhere, it is common for money to be held in what is known as an escrow account. These accounts are used to hold related funds before the sale of a residential property is completed. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for escrow disputes to arise during residential real estate sales. When this happens, having legal counsel on one's side may prove invaluable.

Take appropriate precautions to help beneficiaries avoid taxes

Gifting property in an estate plan by parents in Florida or elsewhere is always done with the best of intentions. There is nothing wrong with a parent wanting to give his or her child property out-right if that is a possibility. However, certain precautions need to be taken in order to help beneficiaries avoid the significant taxes that may follow receiving such a gift.

How can I collect on a debt from another state?

As anyone who has been owed money understands how difficult it can be collect on some debts. The collections process can be a difficult road to travel, and even if you win a judgment in court, actually collecting on the debt can be a different animal entirely.

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