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Can probate estate administration be simple?

When one thinks about probate administration, the word simple rarely -- if ever -- comes to mind. Most people tend to fear this process, as it can be long, drawn-out and somewhat complicated. However, in Florida there is a form of probate estate administration that can be fairly simple to complete.

Finalizing real estate transactions involves many steps

Real estate deals are more than picking out properties and writing checks or signing loan documents. There are actually quite a few steps that must be taken in order to successfully close real estate transactions. For those in Florida or elsewhere, skipping any of these steps can lead to significant problems.

Estate planning is not just for people with children

When one has no children of his or her own to pass on an inheritance to, it may seem pointless to form an estate plan. This is far from the truth, though. Those in Florida and elsewhere who do not have children to list as beneficiaries will still want to consider where their property will end up when they pass on -- the government, charities or other individuals. This is why estate planning is still necessary.

Commercial property owners may need help with zoning issues

Those who own commercial real estate in Florida may find that zoning issues can have a dramatic affect on what they are able to do with their properties. Fortunately, it is possible to seek a change in commercial property zoning, which can be done with the assistance of legal counsel. This is not something that is necessarily easy, but it can be well worth one's time and effort.

Who can complete a title examination?

Handling real estate matters can actually get quite complicated. There simply is a lot more to it than putting up a for sale sign and accepting an offer. Details, paperwork and ensuring any legal issues are properly addressed can make dealing with real estate in Florida or elsewhere somewhat problematic. There are many different elements of a real estate transaction, one being the title examination.

Wills changed due to manipulation -- what can be done?

When a family member unexpectedly changes his or her estate plan or will, it is not uncommon for loved ones to question the modifications. Sadly, there are those who may be convinced or manipulated into changing wills in order to meet another person's wants or needs. It happens more often than anyone would like to imagine. Fortunately, those in Florida and elsewhere who believe this has occurred can choose to contest any such adjustments to estate plans in court.

Probate litigation does not have to be a scary or unpleasant

There are many people in Florida and elsewhere that cringe at the word probate. There are a lot of misconceptions about probate litigation. The simple truth is that it can actually be a good thing, and it can help resolve any issues that may arise with the administration of an estate.

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