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August 2015 Archives

Florida estate planning: Naming an executor

When it comes to end of life planning, one may not consider all of the little details that can actually have a big impact on his or her estate. Thorough estate planning can help Florida residents avoid any potential problems and allow them to see how their decisions will truly impact how everything will be treated after they are gone. Naming one's executor is one of these details that can have either a positive or negative effect on the handling of an estate.

Florida commercial property: Riverwalk Center sold

The owner of a building, known as the Riverwalk Center, recently sold the massive complex in a multi-million dollar deal. With any such commercial property transaction in Florida or elsewhere, it is only natural for all involved parties to want to ensure their interests are fully represented and protected before the closing documents are signed. While a real estate broker can offer guidance throughout a transaction, a real estate attorney will be able to carefully review all contracts in order to make sure everything is above board.

When might probate litigation be a good thing?

Florida residents who have planned their estates have likely done all they can to ensure that any potential issues have not been overlooked. Wanting one's estate to be divided as intended is understandable as is wanting one's beneficiaries to avoid probate litigation unless it is absolutely necessary. Is there a time, though, when probate may actually be a good thing?

Canceling a residential real estate contract

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments a person will make in his or her lifetime, whether he or she resides in Florida or elsewhere. With so much money on the line, it is not uncommon for buyers to want to ensure that there are no issues with homes before completing their purchases. Unfortunately, a home inspection is often done after a residential real estate contract is signed, but before the closing has taken place. What happens if the home inspection uncovers a serious problem?

Don't forget to change wills after divorce

Planning one's estate is something many people in Florida and across the country may feel is kind of a one and done deal. This simply is not the case. Not updating wills, especially after big life changes, could mean that desired beneficiaries may not receive what is intended.

Florida residential real estate transaction: Short sale help

The housing bust, along with high rates of unemployment, associated with the recession hurt a lot of people here in Florida and across the country. Many lost their homes as a result. Today, while the economy is in a better place and people are finding work and home values have been steadily increasing, fewer individuals are feeling the levels of stress that they did during that time period. However, there are those who are still underwater on their mortgages but need to sell their homes. A short sale may be the residential real estate transaction that could best help a person in this position.

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