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What You Should Know About Appeals in Florida

Whether you were the winner or loser in your case, you may need an appeals lawyer.

At Korshak & Associates, we work with Florida and out-of-state clients. If someone obtained a judgment against you and you owe money, talk to an attorney from our firm to learn about your options for pursuing an appeal.

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Pursuing An Appeal

Under certain circumstances, those who have had a judgment issued against them may be able to pursue an appeal:

  • Was an error made?
  • Did the judge make a mistake?
  • Was key evidence/information not made available at trial?

Our attorneys can take a close look at your case to determine your specific options. You may be able to pursue an appeal, and ultimately, you may not be responsible for paying the money.

Depending on the complexity of your case, we may be able to represent you for a flat fee. You can discuss this with an attorney during your initial consultation.

You Have 30 Days To Act

If you are considering pursuing an appeal, it is important to act quickly.

In most cases you have only 30 days to file a notice of appeal, but in rare cases different deadlines may apply.

Therefore, it is advisable to seek assistance from an attorney as soon after the original case as possible.

Did You Lose A Lawsuit? We Can Help.

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Is The Other Side Pursuing An Appeal?

If you just won a judgment, you should be aware of the possibility that the defendant may pursue an appeal.

As soon as you learn that the defendant has filed a notice of appeal, talk to a lawyer. In most cases, the defendant has 30 days from the final judgment to file a notice of appeal.

Contact Us For Help With An Appeal

If you are considering an appeal, we can help you explore your options. Call our offices in Casselberry or Orlando, Florida, at 888-681-4389 . You can also contact us online.

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