I've Been Named A Guardian. Now What?

When a loved one is no longer able to make crucial decisions for themselves, they may need a legal guardian to handle the decisions on their behalf. Becoming a guardian in Florida is something that comes with many responsibilities, and while a guardian can rely on the assistance of the Orlando guardian attorneys at Korshak & Associates, it's important to take stock of what those responsibilities might entail.

Guardianship of an adult, known legally as a ward, places the responsibility for the ward's well-being on the guardian. Decisions that would normally be made and carried out by the ward must be handled by the guardian, who applies his or her best judgment to the situation. This often includes financial and medical decisions, so as guardian, you are recognized as a person the ward can trust and rely upon.

We'll Support You To Make Solid, Well-Informed Decisions

Our estate planning lawyers have handled many cases involving guardians, so we know what kinds of issues often come up and what tasks guardians are likely to undertake. If a ward has not completed a living will, then medical decisions — including those regarding end-of-life care — fall to the guardian. This can be a heavy burden to bear, but its importance cannot be overstated.

Along with medical decisions, guardians are responsible for paying monthly bills and otherwise spending money for the ward's benefit. They can also determine if the ward is being unduly influenced by someone with questionable intentions in order to enrich themselves financially.

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