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Estate administration for non-resident decedents (also known as ancillary administration) is very common in Florida. Many people have investment properties and own real estate throughout the entire state. When a person dies with real property in Florida, he or she must go through the probate process in both his or her home state and Florida.

The process for estate administration for non-residents is very specific. Paperwork must be worded and submitted properly in order to avoid challenges that require additional legal action. Our attorneys have significant experience working with out-of-state clients and will walk you through each step of the process.

What to do with digital data after death

A comprehensive estate plan deals with many aspects of passing on assets upon one's passing. This may include physical assets (e.g. automobiles, real estate), heirlooms and memorabilia, as well as monetary assets (e.g. life insurance proceeds and retirement accounts).

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The many stages of estate planning

Estate planning is not a popular topic for a number of reasons. To most, it is simply a morbid topic that they don't want to approach. To others, it may not be appropriate because they are not independently wealthy or have little (if anything) to leave behind. Yet others believe that they simply have not reached the age where estate planning is important.

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