Collections Help For Non-Florida Residents

As a Florida resident, when you are awarded a judgment against another Florida resident, the steps to collect it are relatively straightforward. Things can get complicated, however, if you move out of state. At this point, pursuing the judgment often takes the continued involvement of experienced collections attorneys.

At Korshak & Associates, our lawyers are adept at collecting judgments when one of the parties involved lives in Florida and the other does not. The laws of other states can make the act of collecting a judgment considerably difficult for someone without direct experience in the area.

Rely On Our Experience To Get The Job Done

Collecting an out-of-state judgment is known as a domestication of foreign judgment — foreign, in this case, referring to outside of a U.S. state, rather than a foreign country. It can be difficult just to locate the person or organization that owes you money even if everyone involved is still in Florida. When the debtor moves out of state, or if you move out of state yourself, the process becomes all the more convoluted.

Our Orlando attorneys are familiar with the rules and regulations regarding the domestication of foreign judgments. Attorneys from other states often rely on our considerable experience to assist their clients with resolving issues that arise from out-of-state judgments. We put that experience and skill to work for our clients who are eager to close the book on a judgment that may have been outstanding for a considerable amount of time.

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